Posted on Mon 6 Nov 2017, 04:13 AM

A concerned Nigerian is calling on citizens to rise to the defence of a retiree, Comfort Ashaye, whose pension of N585,000 was 'stolen' from her account with Diamond Bank.

Read her story which she shared on social medai below:

Dear Friends #boycottdiamondbank

Please Help Mama Ashaye

I came here to share Mama Comfort Ashaye's plight a few months ago. Her pension of N585k was stolen in one night from DiamondBank Online Platform. Mama NEVER signed up for online platform. She doesn't even have a smart phone nor understand USSD. 

DiamondBank FORCED Mama Ashaye to get an ATM card because they told her they can't pay her any withdrawal less than 100k across the counter. She NEVER gave out any information to anyone over the phone. 

Initially, after her story went viral, DiamondBank called her to a meeting with Mr Joseph Folorunsho a radio journalist who brought Mama's plight to my knowledge. They apologised and promised to refund her money. That was over 2 months ago. 

Yesterday, after series of calls and promises, DiamondBank invited Mama to come from Ibafo Ogun State to their Consultants office in Lagos just to tell her that they could not retrieve her money from the thieves so they cannot pay her back her pension! After all the promises. How wicked can any organization get? 

My NGO has decided to sue DiamondBank on Mama's behalf because this is not acceptable. But litigation might take a long time. Mama's situation is desperate now.

I therefore appeal to you all to help raise money to sustain Mama Ashaye. Whatever you can give towards her upkeep will be most appreciated. This is her new account 

Mrs Comfort Ashaye 

I rarely make this kind of appeal but Mama Ashaye's situation touched me. I hope it touches you too. Let's show DiamondBank how to value life over profit. 

Thank you

Sola Salako Ajulo


Whatever happened to the money is not so far away, I guess Mama would have compromised her password. In any case, Diamond Bank should try and compensate her.

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