Posted on Tue 6 Jun 2017, 07:40 PM

Association of Concerned Mothers, a non governmental organisation has called for the immediate repudiation of extreme sexual content being introduced into the Nigerian school system. The group raised serious concerns over the ideology pushed through the Comprehensive Sexuality Education. 

Concerned mothers are worried that if nothing is done urgently by the authorities, moral decadence will hit the lowest in no distant time.

"It is however confirmed that this ideology is already in use in government schools and some private schools in our country, and promotes such things as abortion, homosexuality, masturbation and other controversial sexual ideologies to children as young as eight years old." 

The statement by ASCOM revealed some more scary details of what has been going on in schools.

"A Nigerian Social Studies textbook for JSS1 authored by S. O. Omotuyole (page 50), children are taught ways to give and receive sexual pleasure and develop closeness without sexual intercourse such as kissing, mutual masturbation, among other lewd words. 

"A parent reported that in her daughter’s English note book, she was asked to define blow job, hanky-panky, pillow talk and a host of other words which she was too dumbstruck to imagine. 

"The Basic Science textbooks for children below the ages of 18 are corrupted with different techniques of sexual activity like erections, ejaculation, and sexual intercourse, methods of contraception, withdrawal methods and ways of carrying out abortion which are contrary to our conservative culture."

ASCOM reiterates that “teaching our young children that they can obtain sexual pleasure through mutual masturbation, blow job, etc. is an outrage. More of such unwholesome words can be found in literature books like:

•    Tears of a Bride by Oyekunle Oyedeji, 
•    Precious Little Darlings by Olafosu Ayodeji, 
•    The Precious Child by Queen Okweshiene and many more.

The group urged the Minister of Education and all Commissioners of Education accross the federation to rise to their responsibility by urgently demanding a review of the curriculum in order to expunge those ideologies that violate the values of who Nigerians are. 


While admitting that gender equality is permissible, the group insists that men and women should not be seen to be the same 

"The differences between the sexes are scientifically proven on physical, mental and affective levels. Gender roles are part of the fabric of our society and many are good and wholesome, based on the truth of differences between the sexes. To discriminate is to make choices based on these unique differences." 

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