Posted on Thu 16 Nov 2017, 06:52 PM

The last has not been heard about the decision of the Kaduna state government to disengage school teachers that performed poorly in the competence test it conducted.

While President Buhari declared support for the exercise, governor of Ekiti state, Ayo Fayose, and some other individuals, said the decision is not just counterproductive but inhuman.

Now, the Kaduna state chapter of the Nigerian Union of Teachers alleges that the scripts released by the State governor, which drew lots of support to the sack plan, were those of messengers and carpenters that were forcefully converted to teachers on the governor's assumption of office.

Chairman of the NUT, Yahaya Abbas, told newsmen that this was discovered following investigations by members of the union:

'We were disturbed when we saw those scripts. This was why we investigated. You may recall that el-Rufa’i has directed the conversion of all redundant staff in the local education authorities to teachers. 

"Among those converted were messengers, carpenters, labourers, security personnel among others. 

"We were made to write the exam in question with those people. Our investigation revealed that candidate number EKUB 0059 displayed by el-Rufa’i was a carpenter in Kubau local government before he was forcefully taken to class. 

"Candidate number EKUB 2839 was a messenger in the same local government. If you remember all attempts to draw the attention of the government on the implication of their action fell on deaf ears. 

"Again, those that marked this exam are the illiterates, because even these candidates with their limited knowledge have answered some of the questions correctly but they were marked wrong," the NUT said.

NUT's recent position may indirectly approve the sacking as it will weed those it considers unsuitable for the job.

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