Posted on Wed 6 Jan 2021, 01:43 PM

By Uba Amechi

Ito-Ogbo Obosi is a  celebration of Longevity in accordance with the Judeo-Christian culture and commandment, of giving honour to Fathers and Mothers. Similarity in culture is what makes some people aver that the Igbo race was originally part of Jewish race. 

The Ito-Igbo mascot has as symbols the Red Cap and the Cow. The meaning is not rooted in any pagan symbolism rather is in accord with what is universal.  Red colour signifies life and it stems from the fact that human blood is red in colour. It follows therefore that where red colour appears it shows either as  a threat to life as in danger or a sign that life is involved as in Red Cross or in procreation.

In Obosi epistemology, Red Cap means Life- Transcendence. Whoever adorns red cap is assumed to have transcended life. By this it means that he has seen through the vicissitudes of life and has overcome.

This is why in Obosi, only the Igwe Obosi, the Ndichie, the Chief priests of various deities and the men that attained the glorious age of 80 years that are by tradition allowed to wear red cap. One who has lived for eighty years has seen it all and is expected to have known the meaning of life. Same with the Ndichie.

Ndichie by tradition are living ancestors and as ancestors, is assumed that they have transcended life. Though these days Ndichie has become a chieftaincy title but this did not preclude the original entitlement that makes an Ndichie wear red cap.

The Cow in the mascot symbolises transcendence also since cow is the largest domesticated quadruplet in the animal kingdom that have also come big. The Obosi- people in associating red cap with big cow is sending a message by asking the living to aim at life transcendence. This can only be achieved through attention to laws of life as given by religion and science. 

Obosi people will make big the sumptuous feast at the Ito-Igbo ceremony using the cow as source of protein. This is why the cow is slaughtered to honour the person celebrating the Ito-Igbo. 

We acknowledge the wisdom of our forebears in leaving  a legacy so pristine and so unique that we must do more to cooperate in its sustenance. 

We ask all to join the train of Ito-Ogbo Obosi 2021 and become rejuvenated with life.

Obosi ga adi!

Uba Amechi is the Secretary Ito-Ogbo Obosi planning  committee ,  Lagos Team and 
 Surpvisor, Ito-Ogbo Obosi 2021 planning committee - General 

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