Posted on Mon 28 Dec 2020, 12:59 PM

By Uba Amechi

Ito-Ogbo Obosi is a festival of celebration of Longevity in Obosi. It is observed every three years and is done to accord honour to all Obosi persons that have attained the grand old age of 80 years.

The Decalogue is the ten commandments Moses the prophet of the Jews gave to his people. At the fifth commandment, it is stated "Honour thy Father and thy Mother that thy days may be long in the land thy God giveth thee". This is the only commandment of Moses that comes with a reward which is LONG LIFE!

Obosi people being intrinsically religious, made this commandment a governing norm of her people. Every Obosi person belongs to an Age grade if not by de facto but can also be by de jure. The age grades themselves are hierarchically organised with each age succeeding the other with a factor of two, by this, it is made in such a way that one age grade is older than the other by two years.

The zenith of attainment being the 80th year, at which the arriving age grade will be accorded the honour and glory of Ito-Ogbo Festival. By this and in keeping with the biblical injunction, Obosi people organises a grand birthday celebration involving all who attained 80 years at each Ito-Ogbo year.

The year 2021 is another Ito-Ogbo year and precisely on 6th march 2021, there will be a grand celebration and bestowing of honour and glory to the octogenarians of Obosi.

In keeping with the reward Moses enclosed in his commandment, the organising committee is inviting all Obosi people to sow into the Ito-Igbo ceremony.

We observe in life that seed sown comes back as fruit and fruit as we all know has many seeds.

By giving honour and respect to our compatriots celebrating Ito-Ogbo, we are sowing into Longevity as Moses promised, and we will be rewarded with aboundant Long Life! It is observed that the number of those celebrating 80 years of age at every Ito-Ogbo, increases at each Ito-Ogbo year. One would not be mistaken to say that it is as a result of FIDELITY to this fifth commandment of Moses by Obosi people.

We can sow by subscribing for Advert placement and sending congratulatory messages to not only those you know, but to all others. You can also sow by making effort to participate in some of activities heralding the Ito-Igbo as well as being present in the grand finale at Obosi mini stadium.

May God bless you as you attend.

Uba Amechi, is secretary, organising committee 2021 Ito-Ogbo festival, Team Lagos.


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