Posted on Fri 19 May 2017, 02:06 PM

When a good man ascends the throne, the people rejoice. It is also said that when a man who fears The Lord mounts the rostrum, wonderful things begin to happen. In Anambra state, people are happy as wonderful things are happening. Sooso onye isi bu ma o bu onye ife oma a naghi adi mma, ga-asi na Ife adiro eme na Anambra ugbu a. It is only a blind man or an enemy would say that developmental projects are not going on in Anambra state now.

It is obvious that the previous administrations did very well in the areas of road infrastructure in the state which made Anambra the state that had the largest road network in Nigeria. But good credits must go to the immediate past administration for creating a viable infrastructural road map for Ndi Anambra. The immediate past administration keyed into the opportunities created by international donor agencies and grants to develop education and some secondary health institutions. They built and renovated schools, some mission hospitals and gave subventions to schools returned to missions. 

Despite all these good works, no public infrastructure was attended to. All the state-owned general hospitals were grossly-neglected. Anambra state water corporation was neglected. Anambra Broadcasting service was neglected. Anambra state judiciary was neglected. Civil servants was summarily neglected. Public utilities sector was also neglected. Anambra state transport corporation was undermined and its assets used to settle political benefactor. 

Today, the administration of His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano started on a sound note and have been living up to standard for over three years now. Take a look at Awka Capital city. Somebody who had not visited Awka for the past two years would miss his way. From Amansea old road axis to Onitsha is fully illuminated at night. You might think that you are Las Vegas. Take a walk from Amawbia round about to Agulu and to Ekwulobia, everywhere is illuminated. From Afor Nnobi to Awka Etiti is equally illuminated. Amansea express to Amawbia flyover is seriously illuminated. The same story is told on Awka road and Onitsha Inland town roads. What of Igwe Orizu road in Nnewi? The good story is being told there. Igbo Ukwu Ekwulobia road transversing AMESI and Achina is the same song. Mbaukwu road is also illuminated. Ojoto Mmili John is under construction and many other ones not yet captured by my lens.

Positively, Chief Obiano digitalized Anambra State Broadcasting Service under the erudite management of Ezeudo Uche Nworah. All the workers of the organization that were sacked by the past administration were not only recalled, but were paid their salaries and allowances in accordance with the provisions of the law. There is a big plan to reintegrate the staff of the state-owned newspaper corporation into the consolidated civil service scale. Arrangement has been concluded to make the pensionable according to the pension law of Nigeria.

Recently, Anambra Airport City project which is handled by Chinese Consortium was inaugurated. This airport city would open up the business, economic, infrastructural and social developments of Anambra state. This airport is multi-dimensional and would be the best and the most modern airport in the world. The facilities would be second to none. The international conference centre, golf course, billionaires airport boulevard, five star airport hotel, international business and industrial district as well as international aviation refueling centre would complement the economic development of Anambra state. The beautiful ambience improvement would glorify the Anambra environment. What of the ancillary neighborhood developments? What of the independent power generation from the airport city? What of the capacity building and human capital development? What of the contributory revenue function and the overall GDP intrusion? Other aides to trades and infrastructural development nko? They are all booming and developing. All thanks to the good man on the throne Chief Willie M. Obiano.

What of the stomach infrastructure? Chief Willie is taking it to higher level. Is it not when civil servants are paid, money would circulate? His Excellency pays civil servants on the 24th of every month. The civil servants enters the market with the salaries paid to them. In Nigeria now, most states can't pay salaries. Kogi state who is our neighbor is owing 15 months salaries of the civil servants. This is why they experience recession. In Anambra, there is nothing like recession. We pay salaries as at when due. But Senator Chris Ngige who is a federal Minister For Labour and Productivity said last week that the Federal Government is broke and couldn't pay salaries. They should come and learn how to manage economy from Chief Willie Obiano. We do it well in Anambra. This is an Obiano's effects.

We still talk of the Agulu Lake/Golden Tulip deal? This is another barrier broken by Chief Obiano. The immediate past administration claimed to have invested over #1 billion on this project but by mere looking at the stage, it seems that not more than #50 million have been spent on it. Some political contractors were engaged to blackmail the governor claiming that he has abandoned this project. Little did they know that Chief Obiano was trying to get a competent hand to handle this signature investment without incurring extra cost on the project. Few days ago, it was done. Within the next six months Golden Tulip hotels and resorts Agulu will be open for the public. 

In Nigerian economy today, 75% of the economic activities rest in the hands of MSME and businesses. Only 25% is controlled by conglomerates. HE Chief Willie M. Obiano decided to improve the business environments for these categories of people who are predominantly doing business in Anambra state. The water tight security environment provided by Chief Obiano enhanced the socio-economic activities in the state. He also stopped the illicit taxes and illegal levies that end up in private pockets. This action further deepened the acceleration of business activities in Anambra state. Micro businesses are powering under the administration of Obiano. Willie is working and Ndi Anambra are happy.

In furtherance of his commitment to improve the security infrastructure, His Excellency Chief Dr. Willie M. Obiano procured smart and fast moving vehicles that enhanced the activities of the security agents. Many Anambra indigenes are now bringing back their investments back to Anambra state. Our people are no longer celebrate traditional marriages and title takings outside the state. Investments now flow into Anambra on daily basis. One Obi Onyekwuluje of Umunya who is a consultant with Chevron in America is building a world class resort near NYSC camp in Umunya. It is on record that his wife was killed at Umunya during the dark days in the state. But today, he is happy to have a his hospitality business in Anambra and it is booming. Anambra now operate 24 hours business environment in the state. This is first in South East.

In his resolution to make Anambra the food belt of Nigeria, Chief Obiano is opening up the agrarian communities who produce agricultural outputs in order to create easy access to markets and agro-business facilities. The roads linking the agrarian belts are being constructed even with bridges and strong culverts. 

His Excellency is also opening up the oil and gas reserve basins in the state. The 290 meters long bridge across Omambala river to the oil fields was initiated, built and delivered by Chief Obiano. Iyiora bridge crossing oil and gas basin of Anam was equally initiated, built and delivered by Chief Obiano. The Umueje bridge is initiated and being constructed by Chief Obiano. The Atani-Ogwuikpele road that was initiated by the past administration is largely being constructed by Obiano in order to open up the Ogwuikpele oil fields. The 14 kilometer Umunankwo-Ogwuaniocha oil reserve basin road in Ogbaru  is being built with a bridge across Ulasi river to Ihiala is being constructed by Chief Obiano.

In Nnewi, Coscharis road is 100% delivered. Egbu-Umuenem-Awka Etiti road initiated by the past administration is 70% completed. University road Okofia is 100% completed. In Amichi, Chisco-OGBODI-Osumenyi link road is 60% completed. Oye Utuh-Akwuata-Onuselogu road is 80% completed. There is an on-going earth work in Ukpor Ihemnosi road. Many roads have been awarded and work will soon commence on them.

In Ihiala, Oluoha road is seriously under construction. In Uli, a road that was initiated and abandoned by Jim Nwobodo's administration is now being constructed by Chief Obiano. Another glorious infrastructural development in Uli is the construction of 2 blocks of 6 class rooms each that operated in a mud house since 1935 by Obiano. This is a call for commendation. Ndi Uli are full of gratitude to Obiano.

In the area of human capital developments, His Excellency Chief Dr Willie Obiano is keen in the training and further development of the entire workforce of the state. Many teachers and civil servants have gone for oversea trainings and the impact is fully experienced in our educational system. Our students stand out from others in all the national examinations and events. Chief Obiano had authorized the promotion of all the qualified civil servants to the next level and expect them to be more productive as required.

In the areas of power, His Excellency resolved a long standing power challenge for several communities by drawing power line from Oji River thermal station to 42 towns of Orumba axis. HE Chief Obiano also provided feeder transformers to replace the vandalized ones in those areas. Today, they enjoy adequate power supply from the national grid. 

It is obvious that Chief Obiano has broken the barriers of development in Anambra. He is ready to move on to the next level. The fundamental infrastructures are being put in place for industrial and economic development of the Anambra state. We are yet to see the good works of THE MAN OBIANO.

Wouldn't you rather support this man that does these noble jobs till 2022? 
I support!

...Odaa writes from Amichi.


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