Posted on Tue 31 Oct 2017, 02:18 PM

Many of us have 'lived all our lives' believing  that Chief Willie Obiano, as governor of Anambra state, inherited over N75bn in cash and liquid investments from his predecessor, Mr. Peter Obi. We have assessed the governor as one who have limitless access to funds. But recent revelation from the man who was alleged to have saved so much to last the state another four years after him, views are beginning to change.

I must admit that Peter Obi as governor of Anambra state, had a clear and verifiable focus. He touched the state in significant areas like Education. His policy of returning mission schools to original owners, backed by a law from the state legislature, was criticised by many but turned out to be the catalyst for effective reform in the sector. The implementation is still not tidy though; for instance, it does not make sense to me for the state government to give money to the missions for running the schools and still pay the teachers.  But to my mind, the policy is not entirely a bad one.

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Another evidence of Peter Obi's impressive performance as governor, and perhaps the last one I will mention in this piece, was his choice of a successor.  Except there is an over whelming evidence that Willie Obiano was imposed on Obi, then I hold that the former governor, after due consideration, chose the man he believed will take the state further.  That's what is appears to be on the surface. 

But for the extreme pursuit of politics of personal interest, Peter Obi would have been Willie Obiano's biggest fan because he has sustained most of his policies.  Obiano did not revoke the handover of schools to the missions or renege in the provision of funds for maintenance of the schools. Obiano did not sack the thousands of civil servants employed by Obi at the twilight of his administration.  Obiano had completed a reasonable percentage of projects awarded by his predecessor.  Therefore,  those who read in-between lines are not deceived by all this talks of Obiano underperforming.  It's all fuelled by political interests.

As one who care about positive engagement and debates, I will leave you with a little proof that Obiano has performed impressively in the three and a half years he had been in power. These projects, many of them inherited from his predecessor, are verifiable.

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Willie Obiano has done well in Anambra state. Among other thing, he gave the state capital a face lift and made security a guarantee. He deserves a se cons term.

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