Posted on Mon 6 Nov 2017, 08:45 AM

By Nonso Chukwudebelu

In the buildup to the last US general elections, Donald J. Trump, the Republican candidate employed a simple but most effective strategy to imprint a message on the minds of the American electorate.

At every campaign stop, he would refer to his main challenger Hillary Clinton as "Crooked Hillary" and with time, his audience came to identify her as such.

Basic human psychology agrees that a lie frequently and consistently told, stands the risk of being labelled as Truth and the only way to debunk a lie is to prop up the Truth for all to see.

Anambra state is currently in the news owing to the gubernatorial election slated for Nov 18 and it would appear parties are in a desperate race to negatively label opposing candidates in bad light.

The PDP and APC media teams appear to have made a pact of denigrating the name of the APGA candidate and it would seem they have borrowed a leaf from candidate Donald Trump in the way they consistently avoid telling the electorate what they intend to do but are busy labeling Willie Obiano a drunkard and one given to unimaginable reveling.

From the way they constantly go about this, it would not be out of place to suggest that they equate insults on the governor to a well thought out manifesto and one is constrained to wonder when the mundane can be discarded for real issues.

But who indeed is Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano?

Who is this man they daily insult and desperately frame a negative narrative around his person and way of life?

Who is the man behind the negative enemy-induced labels?

What is it about the man that inspires so much anger from naysayers and what are those things in his past that have moulded him into the man that he is today?

Willie's dad Philip Obiano, was a  teacher whilst his recently deceased mum Christiana Obiano was a business woman and he still recalls the great disciplinarian that was his dad.

The household of Mazi Philip Obiano was one run on a strict regimen and young William had to wake up very early to join other family members in prayers before engaging in chores usually allotted by his mum and he still vividly recalls the great emphasis dad placed on punctuality, politeness, Truth no matter whose ox  is gored and honesty.

His early years were spent in rural Aguleri and he still remembers returning home from school and dashing off to assist his late grandmother in her farm.

He recalls being totally intrigued by that well known  Aguleri trait of never allowing a visitor depart without offering them something and this would eventually become a notable lifestyle of his as the years piled up.

It is this trait of giving and making visitors to his home comfortable that has recently been mischievously misconstrued by political opponents who have gone to town weaving tales of a man given to the bottle and merry making.

The same persons who were once recipients of his unimaginable benevolence are today the people spreading these wicked tales and you really have to wonder what such despicable minds hope to achieve.

Anyone who has had the good fortune of knowing this gentleman from his days at First Bank to the Texaco and Fidelity Bank days would tell you that Gov Willie has not changed a bit from the jolly good fellow that he naturally is.

He still remains that giver whose doors remained wide open and was happiest when people of all hues and persuasions  flocked to his home and he went about playing the perfect host.

Those who worked under him in Lagos still recall with nostalgia those weekends he "mandated" staff to converge at his Lagos home where he did what he loved best; hosting and essentially ensuring there were happy faces all around.

Such informal forums where staff could visit with their families soon provided a platform for bonding and it is a known fact that in terms of productivity in the office, Willie's team far outranked the rest.

A leaders leader who never forcefully demanded loyalty and one who knew just how to maintain that delicate balance of being firm and resolute with a human face, Willie had the uncanny ability of effortlessly bringing out the best in his subordinates who found in him a team leader they could trust and felt motivated enough to give it their best shot.

Surely this Aguleri boy never forgot his roots and the heritage of giving for which his people are known for to this day.

Visit an Aguleri man and he would feel pained should you decline from at least drinking the water he offers, Akpokuedike certainly embodies this very noble Aguleri tradition.

A noble and accommodating way of life that wicked people in high places have turned into a propaganda topic and pointing out his penchant for at least offering a bottle of water as evidence of his so-called life as a reveler!

But life didn't end at Aguleri because he also attended Christ The King College Onitsha where that great moulder of future leaders, Late Father Tagbo, helped instil in him a discipline and determination to deliver that was to characterise his future approach to every task placed in his care.

This discipline was to be a guiding principle during his undergraduate days at the University of Lagos and a working career that saw him rise to the very top of his game.

It is this same determination that saw him ensuring Anambra state stayed afloat at a time most states were groaning under the full weight of recession.

It is this service-delivery mentality that has equally seen him consistently paying salaries at a time workers in most states are wailing under the weight of months of unpaid emoluments.

This son of a little known teacher from Aguleri would later rise to become an Executive Director at Fidelity bank after holding high position at Texaco International but these achievements never for a second stopped him from identifying with his roots and anyone that truly knows him would attest to his uncanny love for the Igbo tradition and an almost single-minded penchant for promoting it anywhere in the world.

Among his faults is an unwavering disdain for pretence and with Willie, you know exactly where he stands on any issue but this trait is a major reason some suggest he is not really a politician of the Nigerian mould.

It is one trait that has made him enemies of those who mean No when they openly say Yes  but the introspective majority understand this to be one of the major secrets to his numerous successes in life.

Unlike core politicians versed in the art of deception, Willie would rather bury his head in work than spend valuable time hopping from one platform to the other trying to impress his audience on the need to view him as the next best Saint.

The majority have enough sense to go way beyond the well packaged negativity and understand that it is practically impossible for a man to achieve so much in private life and yet be the monstrous drunkard and wastrel these wicked people paint him out to be.

They know a child of destiny when they see one and are not perturbed when wicked men throw idle mud at him for they know men naturally hurl stones at the best, most succulent looking and ripest fruit on a tree.

A proud and doting father to his two wonderful kids who never missed a PTA meeting and always makes out time to be involved in their lives, Willie Obiano is a daddy's daddy who isn't shy to own that appellation as demonstrated in the way he rushed to be with his daughter upon her graduation from medical school.

But trust evil men in our midst to get mad over a fathers love for his daughter and we all witnessed the disgraceful ways they tried to negatively change the narrative by insisting that a father attending his daughter's graduation  had suddenly become "wasteful"!

The truth is, there will be no end to the plots and sickening attempts to define Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano on their own despicable terms but the sad reality is, the man they so desperately fixate about, doesn't even have the luxury of time to be thinking about their next move.

You see, Willie is all about working and getting the job done and to give ear to these lame negative distractions is to be really distracted.

Maduaburochukwu is an Igbo name that talks about the supremacy of God in the affairs of men and the way this election is going, it would appear some men imagine they can play God and get away with it.

You see this in the way the PDP major Godfather stumps the length and breath of the state, making idle boasts of his ability to remove Willie from power and enthrone his stooge, as though he is God Almighty.

You equally see this in the way the APC faithful grandstand and tell anyone who cares to listen that they are the ruling party and therefore, cannot lose.

But they forget that Maduaburochukwu is a child of Destiny whose very rise has the stamp God.

They forget that Destiny reached out to pick him at a time others were busy fighting themselves to sit on the same throne he never lobbied for.

They forget that this same God remains alive and is by far greater and stronger than whatever powers they think they wield.

Come Nov 18, this most maligned man shall once again offer himself up for re-election and though the APC hawks and PDP hyenas are busy conjuring the next lie, Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano shall yet prevail to the glory of God and eternal shame of all evil naysayers for no one can destroy an idea whose time has come!

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