Posted on Mon 13 Nov 2017, 07:43 AM

As the Nov 18 Anambra gubernatorial election draws near, it is time to look back at what has been a successful Gov Willie Obiano first tenure.

Though he came to power at a time the nation was just beginning to feel the first pangs of what was to later become a full blown recession, Gov Willie Obiano remained not only undaunted and determined to weather the storms but today we can look back in appreciation of how a mans ingenuity has not only kept the ship of state floating and thriving in troubled times but has managed to gift the state some legacy projects guaranteed to outlive his government 

The recently constructed Iyiora bridge linking up to the oil fields, the road constructions linking the agrarian areas and the bridge at the Anambra river linking to the oil rigs are brilliant examples of Gov Willie Obiano's legacy projects that will stand the test of time.

An astute administrator with long-term visions,  Gov Willie Obiano set about uplifting the prestige of the state capital which was nothing more than a glorified village abandoned by previous governments and he achieved just that by building three state of the art flyovers and today, a traveller plying that route at night cannot help but be amazed at how they have beautifully added immense color to the Awka skyline.

When you consider the unquantifiable roles these flyovers play in alleviating the stress hitherto suffered by motorists on that road, you begin to appreciate the ingenuity of the Governor in marrying aesthetics with pragmatism.

These are worthy legacy projects that will forever stand as a testimony to Willie Obiano's farsighted ingenuity.

What about the five thousand capacity international conference center currently being developed at Awka?

This project when completed will not only compete with the best the world over but would be venue to numerous international conferences in the years to come.

A shortsighted opposition may not immediately see the expected advantages to the state but those with an eye for the long-term can immediately see what hotels, vendors and other related businesses stand to benefit by having this world class monument situated in Awka. The multiplier effect is simply mind boggling.

We must never forget that a cardinal achievement of this government is in the reduction of crime and this has seen visitors becoming emboldened to visit and hold conferences.

The Airport project being developed at Umuleri has to be one of the most brilliant legacies of his government.

With a three year gestation period and a payment plan that entails the state doesn't pay a dime, it is designed to alleviate the challenges faced by our trading and travelling kith and kin who currently go through unimaginable challenges bringing in their goods.

It is instructive to note that it is designed to have  cargo warehouses and one can just begin to imagine the sheer volume of economic activities that will flourish by virtue of having such a project situated in the state; naysayers may denigrate this visionary landmark but a deep appreciation of long term goals is necessary to grasp the immense economic impact of this project.

As we speak, the government is in the final stages of upgrading the College of Education at Ndugbe to a degree awarding institution.

Some have claimed they have the ears of the Federal government and will upgrade it to a Federal institution but we know it is in our best interest to have it as our own with the Visitor being the Governor of the state who will definitely employ citizens to man its affairs.

In Agriculture, for many years, due to insecurity in the state, Chief Cosmas Maduka (Coscharis) stopped developing his vast rice farm situated at Anaku but with this governments enviable strides in security, the farm is up and running with hundreds of citizens gainfully employed there.

The same can be said of the rice millers at Amichi where the Anambra rice is packaged.

I would enjoin those inclined to doubt to take out time to visit these communities.

In poultry, it is a known fact that for the longest time, Anambra citizens had to travel all the way to Ibadan to procure day old chicks but with the energetic strides of the Willie Obiano government, the Lindal farm at Igbariam has put an end to this time consuming and economically sapping practice.

As we speak, Anambra state is self sufficient in the areas of rice, vegetable and poultry production and these are legacy projects that will outlive the Willie Obiano government.

These observations are not in the least exhaustive of the works of the Willie Obiano administration for one only needs to go through the length and breath of the state to observe its laudable imprints but I only chose to focus on those areas that are of long-term strategic importance to Anambra state.

The election is less than a week from now and it is important that the Willie Obiano government be allowed to finish those still underway.

It would be highly injurious to the well-being of Anambra state if we don't allow this government finish what it has started for we are not unaware of the Nigerian factor of abandoning projects by new governments.

Anambra state must never be allowed to fall into the hands of those who wish to take us back to the dark days of Godfathers and hooliganism masquerading as a youth movement.

The Willie Obiano led government has steadied the ship of state at a time most states are groaning under the weight of recession and civil servants would do themselves a great disservice should they elect the Unknown for a Known that has guaranteed them their steady pay as at when due.

The country is currently in a precarious state and this is not the time for experimenting or making emotional decisions that have no basis in fact.

Our eyes must be open to resist the sweet coated tongues of the Philistines in our midst whose only motivation is the capturing of power for Powers sake.

Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano has demonstrated an energetic willingness to put the welfare and security of Anambrarians top on his list and I enjoin you to bear this in mind as you step forward on Nov 18 to do the needful.

The choice before you is between voting in a bunch of hate driven political pirates and adventurers with sweet coated tongues and an already stable and working template whose fixation is the good of all.

They will come at you with every propaganda they can possibly muster but I trust that you keep your interest at heart as you step forward to do the needful.

In the words of our very own Prof Chukwuma Soludo, if it is not broken, why bother fixing it?

May God bless and keep us as we step forward on Nov 18 to say no to these political opportunists masquerading as saints.

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