Posted on Thu 30 Nov 2017, 09:34 AM

They called it the mother of all elections and combatants wasted no time in stepping into the trenches. 

On one side was a governor aiming for a second tenure with an array of opponents desperate to thwart his dreams.

A former governor who obviously had an axe to grind, let everyone know about his desperate resolve to see the incumbent bite the dust and he went about it in the most vicious way, touring the length and breath of the state, leaving in his wake, tales of woes and opportunities lost whilst confidently expecting his audience to crown his choice purely on the basis of his  endorsement.

Then there was the candidate of the ruling party who succeeded in breeding an army of angry youth whose hopes were pinned on the erroneous belief of a Federal might willing and ready to gift them undeserved victory.

Ndi Anambra looked on with anger as these individuals set out to put a lie to that which was their everyday experience and they marveled at just how politics could blind men to the truth staring them in the face.

It was a campaign season that saw an opposition casting all forms of decency to the winds in such a mean way that the incumbent was labeled everything from a drunkard to a most callous and profligate individual.

But the voting public who had seen the way this man handled the ship of state at a time sister states were groaning under the unforgiving weight of recession, couldn't wait for election day to come and the more they abused him, the more they resolved to send a strong message come Nov 18.

The day has come and gone and Ndi Anambra trooped out enmasse to pass a resounding vote of confidence on Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano, the astute leader they've come to love these past three and half years and in effecting this, a great record was set to the utter consternation of those who believed their will equates to that of Ndi Anambra.

It was a victory that put a lie to the ability of Godfathers in deciding who gets power and by it, Ndi Anambra sent a strong message that power resides with them and that they give it to whomever they wish.

Those who were busy making idle permutations that factored in the so-called Federal might were left wondering what hit them but Ndi Anambra had spoken loudly and signalled to the world that in Gov Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano, they were well pleased.

And so it was that twenty one out of the twenty one local governments endorsed this man for a second term and it was comforting listening to his acceptance speech where he reaffirmed his resolve to work harder this time.

A lot needs to be done and we have no doubts that he would cover all  uncovered grounds and fulfil the promises made during the campaigns.

Anambrarians saw what he was seeing when he stood on that debating podium and expressed frustration at his opponent's inability to see what he was seeing for here is a leader with an eye for the future who desires to leave a lasting legacy in Agriculture, Education, Infrastructure and security and we see this in the way our state is now self sufficient in rice production, poultry and vegetables.

No doubt, more investors would now be encouraged to invest in the state owing to the investor friendly climate made possible by Gov Willie Obiano and we look forward to more investments in Agriculture.

Ndi Anambra can't wait to see that Umueri airport project completed and we look forward to the many businesses that will spring up as a result of having that airport in the state.

The almost completed 5000 capacity conference center at Awka is another project we're looking forward to for we can just imagine the sheer volume of business accruing to events managers and hoteliers as a result of its usage.

It will be the icing on the cake if the forthcoming inauguration is held at this venue and we understand contractors are working round the clock to ensure this becomes a reality.

The novel community  project which saw every community receiving a cheque of twenty million naira to undertake ANY project they deem important is another Gov Willie Obiano intervention  we look forward to and we understand the amount has been doubled going forward!

This is one project guaranteed to affect every community and we can't wait for the next phase to begin.

We understand some states in the South East have started to copy and replicate this novel idea!

What about the Light Up Anambra Project that has seen street lights springing up on major roads in communities in the state?

A sizable number of communities have been covered so far and we have no doubts that more will feel the impact of this brilliant initiative.

The next four years promises to be an exciting one for we know the positive security impact of having our communities lighted up at night and judging by the pace of ongoing work, we have no doubts that Anambra will continue to maintain its position as the safest state in Nigeria.

In the area of infrastructural development, we look forward to the completion of ongoing projects and the flagging off of new ones.

The Continuity we voted for was partly predicated on the fact that we wanted to see these ongoing road projects completed and we had implicit faith in Gov Willie Obiano's ability to finish anything he starts.

We understand our governor recently read a riot act to his aides and commissioners in what he termed "A New Order" and we are excited to know and feel the urgency and seriousness he attaches to the confidence vote we gave him on election day.

We feel nothing but elation hearing him insist that there must be a sense of seriousness and commitment in all public servants who want to be a part of what he termed the new revolution.

We have no doubts that this renewed sense of service would trickle down to the very least public servant and we can just begin to imagine how prosperous Anambra would be under this renewed and energized Gov Willie Obiano government.

Surely this renewed sense of service shall impact positively on the health, education and other sectors of our beloved state.

On Nov 18, Ndi Anambra passed a vote of confidence on Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano and we have no reason to doubt that our future is bright.

Indeed,  Maduaburochukwu!

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