Posted on Thu 4 Jul 2019, 05:38 AM

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When the NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN campaign was on, some of us felt that it was so much energy being wasted on what is not the issue. 

Our problem has never been the age of the leaders but our culture of putting square pegs in round holes.

Elisha Abbo, at 41, is likely the youngest  Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the 9th Assembly. He represents the people of Adamawa North. 

If the viral video first published by Premium Times can be relied upon, there is no reason to doubt it yet, the senator found himself on the headlines for beating up a woman for telling him 'Oga please take it easy'.  Yes, that was all she said as she was not even the person the Senator was ordering to stop using her phone.

The incident took place according to the initial report on the 11th of May, even before he was formally inaugurated as a Senator.  He molested a woman and ordered his aides to take her away from the shop, while being  intoxicated by the mere chance of being a Senator-elect. 

Even if he decides to spend his N10.1million welcome package paid to each senator in the 9th Assembly on sex materials and women of easy virtues, it will not bother anyone provided he respects the laws of the land he volunteered to make. 

This development has further questioned the reasoning of many Nigerians when it comes to quality of leadership we enthrone.  A search on the achievements of Elisha Abbo yielded no results.  He is not known to have contributed to national development in any way. There is no record of his outstanding community service.

The only memory of Elisha Abbo outside the privileges of  being a member of the National Assembly, was that of a glorified thug for Ahmed Gulak, while he served as Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan.  When the tenure ended, he moved on to the former governor of Ekiti state, Ayo Fayose, where he joined the team of aids without portfolio. 

The assault was said to have been reported to the Maitama Area Command of the Nigerian Police three days after the incident.  The senator was neither arrested nor invited by the police. I did not expect much though from the police officer who stood and watched the beating of a woman said to be nursing a child by a man he was assigned to ensure that no one molests.  He was not asked to stop the man when he wants to beat or even kill another person.  So the police officer was only minding his job. What a shame.   

I was prepared to write this when I learnt that the Senator has been disgraced into 'remorse' . He has apologised, but that may not be enough.  There is need for the Police to carry out a thorough investigation to establish the circumstances that triggered the acts of violence in the first place.  The people of Adamawa North senatorial district deserve to find out the mind of their Senator. They need to be certain that he is of a sound mind to make laws that will govern humanity and not animals.   

The Senate should also be bothered that Senator Abbo and his likes within them, will continue to drag its already deficient name in the mud.  Not many Nigerians have high regards for the Senate because of the antecedence of those that populate the chamber.  There you have individuals wanted for crimes in foreign land.  In the Senate you have people being tried for stealing and embezzling the commonwealth of the people.  There you have a group of people turning the Senate to a retirement home after serving eight years as governors of their respective states.

Therefore, the Senate will not want "there you have men who walk into a sex shop and opt for violence as a way of complaining against unsatisfactory service", being added to the list of vices dwelling in the chamber.  

Meanwhile, let me acknowledge that in one day, Nigerians recorded two victories through the instrumentality of the social media.  After weeks of endless on-line campaign against government's RUGA programme, the federal government suspended the project.  This is not an assessment or review of what RUGA is all about, but a recognition that the social media can serve as a veritable platform to drive  social change.  Same day, Senator Rabbo turned around to apologise after attempting to wave off the ignoble act of his caught on camera.

See the video of the sex shop violence here

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