Posted on Wed 4 Sep 2019, 09:59 AM

A Nigerian Pastor, name withheld,  who lived in South Africa for five years has reacted to the xenophobic attacks on foreigners, which is dominated by Nigerians, by revealing 12 reasons why he believes the hatred is deep  against Nigerians.

In his words, "Sincerely it has nothing to do with any other thing than envy. I lived with them for almost 5yrs it's pure envy and miss directed anger".

Below  are the 12 reasons  South Africans hate Nigerians according to him.

1 A pure south African is lazy.

2 He is dependent and marginalized.

3 He is  a sadist.

4 They are very poor.

5 They've been vandalized and raped emotionally both male and female.

6 An average Nigerian in South Africa  lives the kind of life that  the people in their parliament live so they feel threatened.

7 The is no complete home in South Africa, either a child is raised by a single parent or by his granny. No father figure to guide a child so they live independently from child hood, dependent on the street.

8 The govt provide virtually everything they need in a localized and poverty alleviation scheme standard to the point that with a South African passport medical is free in local hospitals less equipped like the once in uptown areas where the elites live.

9 At 18 to 21 yrs the govt builds a house for you in a remote area which they sell to foreigners and go back to live in slums and when they finish the money in alcohol, they look for what to loot and the cheapest thing in South Africa is bullet and women with 5 Rand you can get any of those, and any girl that gives birth at home has an allowance given to them by govt every month for that baby.

10 This is how degenerated the blacks in South Africa are, so they envy any Nigerian that steps into their country. Perplexed by the speed at which they make it big while them that are born there can't pay 1/10 of the kind of bills a poor Nigerian pays.
Do not forget, no Nigerian works in SA offices, very few work in companies. Most Nigerian you see there who traveled on their own is a hustler. A drug pusher or a scammer. Very few are lecturers who have a 3 to 4yrs contract doing a research program or a pastor.
So there is no meeting point to warrant all this nonsense. They are angry with their govt, white South Africans and they transfer aggression to us for no reason.

11 Their  women run after Nigerian  boys because we pay Bill's totally not 50/50 pattern they operate.

12 They are weak with their useless life style and it weakens their system, men can't perform those that can are infected with HIV and your brothers are good in whatever they do. So the girls are dying to be with a Nigerian man.
Their style there is "me and you born"  no need for bride price etc because no body to collect it.
Remember she was a product of rape or street sex. And Nigerians are desperate to have kids so it's quite cheap to have it there considering that the fertility rate of their  women is hyper just touching a South African  girl she's pregnant already you don't need to go far.

The fear here is that most Nigerians there refuse to adjust in some ways to avoid those negative attention from their host.

Will there ever be an end to this fight?


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