Subsidising FOREX for pilgrims when the economy is bleeding by Kelechi Deca

05 August 2016

I thought President Buhari said that pilgrimage is a personal business?

I am also of the view that the Central Bank has floated the naira to the vagaries of market forces with the caveat... Read More...

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Dialogue and grand amnesty to Boko Haram, Lagos lawyer urges Pres. Buhari

24 July 2016

Lagos lawyer, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa has urged the federal government to back up the search for total end to boko haram insurgency with granting of amnesty to its members. 

Mr. Adegboruwa who...

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Technical recession, stagflation = Confusion by Kelechi Deca

21 July 2016

The Minister of Finance whom I have tried so hard to admire to no avail technically due to no fault of hers, or mine either, came out to inform Nigerians that the country is ‘technically’ in a... Read More...

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Nigeria and the failed coup in Turkey by Reuben Abati

17 July 2016

Turkey is about five hours away from Nigeria by air, about 2, 634 miles from here, but the night there was a coup attempt in Turkey, July 15, with soldiers shutting down parts of Ankara and... Read More...

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Theresa May, Melaye and the leader’s wife - By Reuben Abati

15 July 2016

“Have you been to Bourdillon? Or rather I should ask when are you going to Bourdillon?”
“What’s happening?”
“I hear people are paying solidarity visits to the Tinubus to express their... Read More...

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2 lives lost, plenty lessons learnt - Reuben Abati

10 July 2016

Two lives lost recently in the creative industry convey useful messages in terms of the import of their careers and the circumstances of their departure: the elderly actress, simply known as Bukky... Read More...

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How they misled out leaders - by Dele Momodu

09 July 2016

(Pulled from his regular column on ThisDay newspaper)

Fellow Nigerians, let me start by apologising for my absence on this page last week. I could not believe the torrents of comments on... Read More...

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Holidaying while Rome burns - Reno Omokri

09 July 2016

For a nation that has already had one quarter of negative economic growth and is in danger of having another negative quarter (which would invariably put us officially in a recession), I was... Read More...

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FG is trying the entire Senate for forgery, not just Saraki and Ekweremadu - Prof. Nwabueze

08 July 2016

According to The Guardian, constitutional lawyer and elder statesman, Prof. Ben Nwabueze, has said it is not just the Senate President Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu who are on trial... Read More...

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Gov. Ambode and the street traders of Lagos - Rueben Abati

03 July 2016

I am writing this piece after holding a series of conversations with Lagos street traders and hawkers who seem not be aware of or are just indifferent to, or may be they are intrigued by, the fact... Read More...

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