Who exactly are these Niger Delta Avengers?

02 July 2016

In the early hours of June 16th a pipeline belonging to Nigeria’s state-owned oil company exploded. This was the latest in a string of attacks claimed by the Niger Delta Avengers, a new group... Read More...

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The stolen pot of soup by Reuben Abati

01 July 2016

“I am depressed, my brother.”
“You are always depressed. I am actually used to that. I can’t remember when last you were not choleric, depressed, obsessed, uptight, down-spirited, what’s... Read More...

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What has the UK just done to itself? - by Reuben Abati

26 June 2016

What has the United Kingdom just done to itself, its people and the future of its youth? It is difficult to fully understand why a country in taking a decision about its future will decide on a... Read More...

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Nigeria as a genocidal state - Opinion

26 June 2016

By Osita Ebiem
In spite of all apparent reality to the contrary, and for reasons just as varied as the people, there may be a few individuals and interest groups who still wish for... Read More...

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Prof. Soyinka speaks on 'school hijab' controversy: To everything, its place

25 June 2016

The issue, I understand, is the flaunting of religious markers in public educational institutions. Let me begin by confessing that I envy the French to whom those choices have only been recently... Read More...

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The Game has Changed - Reuben Abati

24 June 2016

“My brother, I think all the people saying they have not seen any change should by now be convinced that truly, truly, the game has changed.” “Football? Euro 2016? Brexit?” “What is wrong with you... Read More...

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America & The Man-No-Be-Wood Nigerian Lawmakers - By Reuben Abati

19 June 2016

There has been no shortage of controversy and hair-raising incidents from the 8th National Assembly of Nigeria, but nothing breaks the heart more than the name-them-shame-them letter that has been... Read More...

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Amaechi: Shaming of a MEnister by the People's Minister - Reno Omokri

18 June 2016

By now, you probably have watched the viral video of the town hall meeting organized by the ministry of masquerade dressing (otherwise known as ministry of information) in Uyo the Akwa Ibom state... Read More...

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Remembering MKO Abiola on June 12 - Reuben Abati

12 June 2016

This day, June 12 will always be remembered by those who have defied the culture of silence and conspiracy against a significant moment in Nigerian history, to remind us of how today, 23 years... Read More...

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Buhari has in one year brought Nigeria's economy on its knees - Bloomberg

31 May 2016

Again, the international magazine takes a swipe at the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari accusing it of ineptitude. 

The article below published on its website government's...

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