Posted on Wed 7 Sep 2016, 12:47 PM

By Uzonna Ononye, Lagos

The un-announced visit of the founder of Facebook and 7th richest man in the world to Nigeria has re-enforced the fact that the country is richly endowed with human resources. Though the life of her people may not reflect such wealth, Nigeria wouldn't have attracted Mark Zuckerberg if not for the great deposits of talents and abilities. 

Perhaps, that was why the young entrepreneur did not consider the typical  red carpet and pageantry of such visit as being more important than meeting the budding talents. 

His several interactions underlined his real mission: to touch base with the people who are defying all odds to key into the emerging technology market. In doing this, Mr. Zuckerberg found a story to tell about Nigeria.

But many have wondered how such a global personality came into the country un-noticed. The embarrassment felt by government became clear when the young man was lured back from Kenya to meet with the President and his team.

In August last year, a well known Lebanese terrorist obtained visa to visit Nigeria, despite being on global watch list for years. Luckily for the country, his trip was truncated in Egypt. 

Reports thereafter suggest that an invitation letter originated from Nigeria before Ahmad Al-Assir was issued a visa without being noticed, reported or tracked by relevant authorities.

In Mark Zuckerberg's instance, some people believed that seeking and obtaining Nigerian visa by the founder of facebook is enough trigger for attention in the first place.

Argument on whether he flew a public plane or in a private aircraft, is certainly irrelevant as every aircraft coming into the country declares it's passengers through the mandatory manifest, yet, Mark Zuckerberg quietly landed in Lagos without attracting anyone's attention. 

Until pictures of him jogging on the streets of Lagos without an air of a million naira took the internet by storm, many, even those in authority never bothered. 

The good story is that this is Mark Zuckerberg. But who know who next will take advantage of the lack-luster and unpatriotic disposition of embassy officials and related agencies to come into Nigeria without being seen. 

Hoping the consequence won't be too dare.   


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