Posted on Sun 26 Nov 2017, 07:04 AM

First wife of Bilyamin Bello, son of ex-chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who was stabbed to death by Maryam Sanda, his second wife, has written a moving tribute for the deceased.

Amina Shagari described Maryam Sanda as a jealous wife and prayed "may Allah link us up in jannah."

Sanda was arraigned on Friday and detained in prison for the murder.

Shagari went down memory lane in recalling how the deceased cared for her.

“I will love you always. You would have been 36 today. May Allah rest your beautiful soul as people continue to say your name every day,” she wrote.

“You were the kind of person to leave that kind of impact in your wake and slumber. I’m sorry we drifted apart. I wanted you to have peace.

“I was so proud of myself for letting her have you to herself. ashe ashe. It wouldn’t even come close to being enough my darling friend.

“At different points of my life, you were everything, a brother who pulled my scarf when I did wrong, a friend who knew me best.

“We decided to get married out of pure friendship. How strong was that bond, and when we couldn’t we still found our way back to being friends.”

According to The Cable, she said after parting ways with Bello, Sanda, whom she described as “your jealous wife”, prevented her from being in touch with him.

Shagari also recalled how she acted when she and Bello discussed death.

“My darling, I don’t have enough words. You once asked “what would you do if I die?” I promptly started crying and abused you for suggesting you would die and I’d be around,” she wrote.

“Those tears shocked you. Well if you could see me now. The thing that was most endearing to me that probably meant nothing to you was the way you never ever allowed me to cross the road without holding my wrist to do it for me. It used to infuriate me before I came to expect it.

“I’d be like “see this guy, before him didn’t I cross the road?” (smiles).

“Even when we fought, you held on. Even if we didn’t talk, you held on. It was funny, it was special, because it was not the hand but the wrist, as if to assure yourself you wouldn’t let go. That was who were.

“Till I suggested I wanted your jealous wife to have peace. I wouldn’t call, I said you would and you did whenever you could, and you saw me whenever you could.

“Bye my love. May Allah link us up in jannah. We will love aleesha.”

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