Posted on Thu 7 Nov 2019, 07:53 AM

Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has come under attack from Lagosians  over the recent announcement of dropping ‘Your excellency’ title.

Recall that Sanwo-Olu, on Wednesday announced that he should no longer be addressed as ‘Your Excellency.’

In a statement the Governor personally signed and made available to HOMELANDNEWS, he noted that only God should bear such titles.

He said that as a Governor, he is only a servant appointed by the people and as such should be called “Mr. Governor.”

This did not go down well with some Lagosians and Nigerians on social media, as they urged the governor to focus on fixing roads in the state.

Some Nigerians took to their Twitter pages lamenting the state of Lagos.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Oluwabukunmi_ “While Seyi Makinde is repairing roads, printing free copies of past questions for schools and basically just working, your Pontius Pilate in Lagos is concerned with being called His Excellency or Mr Governor. Tragic.”

@drainzdrip “Lagosian have never complained about your stupid title Sanwo-Olu. Whether you call yourself “Excellency” or Mr Governor or Mr Go-slow,even Mr Pot-hole..Mr Man we just want good governance. You’re becoming the most useless Governor in the history of Lagos.”

@Nedusam01 “Nice one Mr Governor.But we need to feel the gradual impact. More hardwork needed sir.”

 “Can someone serve this guy a ‘negligence of duties’ query. Worrying about name calling.”

@Waleonlinee “Deliver good governance first , then we will look at this your title issue.your excellency, Mr governor!

@Dominic_Ebi “Oga if you want to be called Queen Elizabeth no wahala for as long as you start working. Lagos is in a mess and all we’ve seen from you is absolute nothing. Your local government chairmen are all sleeping and you’re doing nothing about them. Get to work man.”

@Dedonnse “Change of titles alone won’t get the job done. We once had “Chief Servant” and “Ogbeni” as governors, they all failed spectacularly. Having said that, could you please start working already?


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