Posted on Tue 3 Apr 2018, 06:05 PM

Following revelations that data was harvested from over 50 million Facebook accounts by Cambridge Analytica, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has been asked to leave the board of Facebook. 

According to Mr Scott Stringer, an investor in Facebook who also oversees New York City's pension fund investments with a stake in the social media platform of over one billion dollars, the request is necessary to ensure user privacy protection.

Earlier, the Facebook CEO defended his leadership following criticism from Apple’s Tim Cook.

Posted on Wed 7 Sep 2016, 12:47 PM

By Uzonna Ononye, Lagos

The un-announced visit of the founder of Facebook and 7th richest man in the world to Nigeria has re-enforced the fact that the country is richly endowed with human resources. Though the life of her people may not reflect such wealth, Nigeria wouldn't have attracted Mark Zuckerberg if not for the great deposits of talents and abilities. 

Perhaps, that was why the young entrepreneur did not consider the typical  red carpet and pageantry of such visit as being more important than meeting the budding talents. 

Posted on Fri 2 Sep 2016, 08:26 PM

While receiving Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, at his office today, President Buhari commended him for his simplicity and informed him that in our culture, we are not used to seeing successful people appear the way he does. 

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