ahmad lawan group set to head to court to nullify saraki's election,

If all political solutions fail to address the lingering leadership crisis in the Senate, the court will be called upon to intervene. The involvement of the court is to be hinged on the alleged forgery of the standing rules of the senate upon which the election of the President of the Senate and his Deputy was conducted.

HOMELAND NEWS gathered that the Senate Unity Forum is set to approach a Federal High Court in Abuja to decide whether or not an election conducted on a fake document should be allowed to stand.

The group will be seeking the nullification of the inauguration of the 8th Senate which was conducted in June.

This group disposed to the election of Ahmad Lawan as the President of the Senate, a position endorsed by the APC leadership said it is taking the step sequel to the expected criminal action to be instituted by the state against those responsible for the act of forgery. They said information made available through the report by the Police on its investigation into the matter is enough ground for anyone indicted in forging of the Senate Standing Rules for 8th Assembly should face the full wrath of the law. 

Last official statement by the Police suggests that investigation into the alleged forgery of the senate document is ongoing. But there were reports last week that the President has received the report of the investigation from the police. It was reported that the police confirmed that the senate rules for the 8th senate was tampered with. 

Clerk of the National Assembly and some key officers of the 7th Assembly were quizzed by the police while the investigation was being carried out.

It is not clear, which direction the matter will go as some Senators argue that neither the police nor the court has jurisdiction over incidents that took place in the national assembly but some legal practitioners said that a criminal act against the state is an exception to that rule.



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