drug trafficker chibude chidi heading to china

Despite the death penalty on drug offences in China, this 44-year-old Chibude Chidi, was arrested while attempting to board a Qatar Airways flight from Lagos to China.

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency says he was apprehended at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos. 

Mr. Chidi swallowed 1.185kg of whitish substances that tested positive for cocaine; NDLEA commander at the airport, Hamza Umar said.

“We discovered from our investigation that the suspect sold his property in Enugu and invested the proceeds in drug trafficking due to wrong counsel from friends. He was apprehended during outward screening of passengers on Qatar flight. The cocaine found on him weighed 1.185kg”.

The suspect narrated how he got into the mess out of frustration and what he described as wrong advice from his friends.

“I am married with a child. I used to sell clothes and my business was flourishing in 2007. My problem started in 2008 such that I lost all my three big shops. I see it as a spiritual attack because I lost everything I had laboured to acquire over the years. I sold the only property I have in Enugu with the hope of relocating to Lagos. Unfortunately, I listened to wrong advice and invested my last savings in cocaine business. They assured me that I could earn twice the amount I invested in the deal but I am regretting my action”

He told officials of the NDLEA who asked him if he was aware of the death penalty that drug trafficking attracts in China, that he was so desperate that his life had secondary consideration.

“I never thought of it. My entire attention was on the four million profits I would have made from my trip. I am so worried now about my wife and daughter” he stated as he struggled to hold back tears

Chairman of NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade had said that the agency will continue to combat drug trafficking with everything at its disposal and urged citizens who seek quick money from illicit drugs to desist.


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