benson died in police custody,

The Nigerian Police Force has in recent times demonstrated how ‘friendly’ they are to the citizens with series of allegation bothering on abuse of power and brutality. 

The death of 27-year-old Benson Obode in Edo state may just add to the long list of people tortured to death or directly shot and killed by police officers. 

According to Benson’s sister, Mrs. Osawaru Izeyi, as told to the Leadership, he was arrested and taken away by police officer who denied his family and even a lawyer access to him while in detention.

“They only told us later that he bought a stolen vehicle and that he was an armed robber; I was surprised. He stayed with me for a long time and he never took my money. If he didn’t have money, he always requested from me and I would give him. The policeman insisted that he is a thief and that they are ‘scorpion SARS’ from Lagos. The next day, May 22nd, we went back with a lawyer since nobody was listening to us so that they could talk to him and if possible, see my brother so that we could ask him some questions.” The sister said 
Several efforts made by the family to see the young man while in police custody or ascertain the particular offence he committed, apart from the lame “he is an armed robber and he bought a stolen car,” was met with deception by the police.

The family was once told that Benson has been transferred to the Police Headquarters in Abuja and at another time told the he was moved to Lagos. All turned out to be untrue as the family will go, search and return without a trace of Benson anywhere.

His body was later deposited at the Central Hospital Benin Morgue, according to the Hospital authorities, by the police. 

The family has now joined the long list of families demanding explanations from the Police authorities as to what happened to their loved ones.


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