flood in abuja

Early Sunday morning heavy downpour in the Federal Capital left in its trail tales of flooding in many parts of the City. 
It is reported that may residents could not attend church services because the flood that took over the roads were much that the difference between the gutters and the roads could not be identified. Vehicles were seen breading down in the flood. 

A resident of Kubua told HOMELAND NEWS that the flood lasted up to an hour after the rain has subsided. And similar report came from Maraba-Nyanya axis. 

In the City Centre, it was a bit different as the flood disappears in most parts as soon as the rains ended.

In the South East, residents have been experiencing heavy rains in the past couple of weeks. Anambra State Government is currently faced with the challenge of containing the erosion that is a result of the rains. The damage done to homes in Obosi, a town in Idemili North Local Government Area, is still a source of homelessness.

But in Lagos, the situation is completely the opposite. Rains have dried from the sky for weeks bringing cold temperature across the state particularly late in the night and early hours of the morning.



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