Ohanaeze Ndigbo has reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s 60th-anniversary speech describing it as hollow, empty, and disappointing, saying that the speech was in fact an insult on the sensibilities of Nigerians.

Reacting to the speech, Ohanaeze, through, the Media Adviser to Chief Nnia Nwodo, its National President; Emeka Attamah, said the President cannot deceive Nigerians any longer.

“As usual, the President’s speech today (yesterday) was hollow, empty, and disappointing.

“The only new thing was his expressing a desire for a peaceful, united nation. But, how can you ensure peace in a divided country?

“How can he talk of unity in a country that the only persons qualified to hold and enjoy federal appointments in the country are only Fulani?

“The speech was an insult to the sensibilities of Nigerians other than Fulani. Who is deceiving who?

“He still has a window of opportunity to ameliorate the situation by rescinding some of his decisions and ensuring a more balanced administration”, Ohanaeze said.



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