majek fashek at the rehab clinic,

He was born as Majekudunmi Fasheke but well known locally and internationally as Majek Fashek. Recent weeks and months had reports of his mental state. It was reported that the biggest Reggae Artiste to have come out of Nigeria was roaming the streets of Lagos as a lunatic. 

Majek, while speaking to Silverbird Television at a private Clinic where he is currently being rehabilitated, said he was never mad. He said all the while he was on the street, he was mentally alert.

The “Rain maker” admitted that he was undergoing rehabilitation from severe financial crisis, alcohol intake and drug abuse while in the United States.

Majek, born to an Edo mother and an Ondo father took the Reggae music world by storm with his hit song, Send Down the Rain which came out in a single in 1987 and later in the Prisoner of Conscience album which was released in 1988.

Between Tabansi Records, an indigenous label that first showcased Majek and the Island Records’ Mango inprint, his works grew in scope and depth and pitched with his version of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song.

Some music critics compared his vocal quality and delivery to that master of Reggae Music, Bob Marley who incidentally was Majek’s joint source of influence with Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

All that is confined to the history books now as the greatest export of Reggae Music from Nigeria is battling to abstain from substances that attempted to destroy him.

Majek Fashek urged young artists to stay away from drugs and excessive alcohol which he described as the greatest enemy of success.

The visit of Silverbird TV was at the same time Pop Star, Charley Boy, who urged well-meaning Nigerians to emulate a philanthropist, Ayiri Emami for coming to the rescue of Majek Fashek.


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