Teachers in Nigeria will now enjoy better remuneration as the federal government has approved a new salary scale.

Government also increased the retirement age for teachers from 60 to 65 and year of service increased to 40.

These are part of the initiatives of government to mark this year’s world teachers day which came up on Monday.

Below re details of the new national teachers policy

*1* . *Establishment of a Special Salary Scale.*

*2* . *Retirement by age is now 65.*

*3* . *Retirement by service is now 40*

*4* . *Rural allowance to be provided.*

*5* . *Increase in science allowance.*

*6* . *Peculiar allowance.*

*7* . *Automatic admission and tuition free for kids of Teachers at their place of work.*

*8* . *Automatic recruitments of B.Ed graduating students.*

*9* . *Bachelor of Education students are to enjoy stipends or education special allowance.*

*10* . *Education students in colleges and universities are to enjoy special bursary awards.*

*11* . *TETFund will now be used to fund Teaching Practices.*

*12.* *Enhanced entry for graduating students into service.*

*13* . *Special Teachers Pension Scheme to be established.*


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