end sars

We can all support end police brutality against innocent Nigerians but not end SARS. For as a country, we still have a growing and dangerous brigade of violent criminals and kidnappers out there hurting Nigerians and putting Nigerians in unbelievable pains.

We need courageous and equally aggressive police officers to exchange fire and defeat these criminals when the need arises.

Just last week, my friend’s car was taken from him, right inside our street at gun point.
Few months ago, robbers came to my street to rob an old man, I ran to his rescue unknowing to me that one of the robbers had gun on him and almost got me shot except that a pin fell from the gun and the trigger failed to shoot.

Few days ago, an 18years old girl was stabbed in the neck because she refused to give a phone snatcher her phone. She almost bled to death.

Who confronts those evil and bastard criminals? SARS. We need  SARS as a unit and fund them to stay in their core competence and courage.

While it is sad that some SARS officers have done some unacceptable things leading to the brutalisation of innocent Nigerians and eventual death of these innocent Nigerians, there is still need to demand reform to end such brutality leading to the demise of some young Nigerians based on unacceptable stereotyping.

Be that as it may, it is important to realise that in cities like Calabar, where kidnapping incidents are now common place, there is need for tough response. You need SARS to stand up against kidnappers and violent criminals.

I insist SARS need to be reformed but should not be terminated. Besides, when you end SARS, the officers who form the unit go where? They eventually disappear from the police rank and file? You and I know that won’t be the case.
Honestly, calling for the end to SARS is misleading, if you are not going to ask for the overall dismissal and removal of all SARS officers from the police force.

Truthfully so, a call for the end of SARS only makes violent criminals, kidnappers and robbers happy.

Do you know how many Nigerians get robbed on highway? Do you know what the absence of tough and bold officers on highway implies? Thousands will be killed at gun point.

Finally, Get SARS reformed to stay on their mandate and to defeat violent robbers, criminals and evil kidnappers out there.

It is unwise to call for an end to a strategic unit without alternative or readied regimen. That would only make Kidnappers and robbers to be glad.

Let’s unite against police brutality, but not call for the end of SARS but its reform. Yes, all is doable.
Richard F Inoyo is Country Director, Citizens Solution Network.


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