A health and wellness expert, Ms Chiamaka Oragwu, said that COVID-19 increased people’s awareness about their health and the need to stay healthy.

Oragwu, who is the Founder, Green Essence, a health and wellness centre, made the disclosure on Saturday in Lagos during the formal inauguration of the centre and its three-year anniversary.

According to her, more people accessed her wellness centre at the beginning of the crisis, during the crisis and currently.

“Before COVID-19, a lot of people were ignorant about their health, but when the virus came with intensity, people began to buy fruits and vegetables.

“Basically, people began to eat healthily to build their immunity; why do we need to wait for COVID-19 to teach us that we need to stay healthy and boost our immune system,” she said.

The founder said living a healthy lifestyle is supposed to be a constant daily affair and not until there are crisis, illness or problems to make the move to stay healthy.

She said the body had the ability to heal itself when it is healthy, especially when the body is alkaline. “I have had clients who had various health, including kidney and gall stones and other illnesses and felt better when they began to eat healthily.

“The whole idea is to load the body with nutrients and the moment the body becomes alkaline, it begins to heal itself.

I advise people to eat foods and drink fluids that are alkaline to enable them stay healthy, ” Oragwu said.

A guest at the event, a Priest, Msgr. Pascal Nwaezeapu, commended the efforts of the wellness centre to create awareness about healthy living.

He is the Parish Priest at the Catholic Church of Divine Mercy, Lekki Phase 1 area of Lagos State.

Nwaezeapu said: “The importance of the awareness programme is to make people aware of the gifts of natural foods and not rely on processed foods.

“God has put a lot into nature that can help us live well and we need to tap from what God has already put in place.

A lot more awareness need to be created so that more people stay healthy; it is only when people are healthy they can function well in other activities of life.” NAN



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