A Nigerian business man, Adam Garba has filed a fundamental right suit against the owner of a social media platform called Twitter.

The applicant in the motion of notice brought pursuant to section 34, 35,41 and 43 of the 1999 constitution is seeking an order of perpetual injunction restraining Jack Dorsey and # EndSARs protesters from sponsoring and staging any protest in any part of the country as it is an infringement of his fundamental human rights.

Mr Garba is also praying for an order of the court directing the president and the DG NSCDC to take measures to stop Jack Dorsey and #EndSARs protesters from sponsoring and further carrying out any protest with the use of force that is reasonably appropriate in the circumstances of the protest.

An order stopping the operation of Twitter international company from any territory of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Lastly an order directing Jack Dorsey and Twitter international to pay the applicant $1 billion as damages to the Nigerian government 

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, had twitted the #EndSARS hashtag and urged protesters who seem to be having difficulties in securing a viable platform for raising funds for the protest to consider using bitcoin.


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