Critics have started subjecting D.J Switch’s video recordings of happenings at Lekki Toll plaza on 20 October into critical analysis.

Here is one of such, entitled:

D. J. Switch’s video: My analyses and observation

1. Seven had died before her phone battery went off.

Poser 1.

No upload of the video or pictures showing the 7 dead she recorded before her phone went off.

2. 15 corpses were laid at the feet of the Army

Poser 2

You couldn’t have carried 15 heavy and  stone cold bodies yourself. There must have been multiple people with you.

One or two of them would have their phones on, even if hers is dead. With Nigerians penchant for filming people in danger instead of lending an helping hand, it’s a no brainier to know that some people will not miss the opportunity to film the corpses. The videos or pictures of the corpses would have been trending on the Social media. But there is none.

Poser 3

AK47 bullets piercing through bodies at close range will lead to so much loss of blood. An average human being has 4.5 litres of blood in his/her body. 15 people shot would have combined 67.5 litres of blood. That’s almost three 25litre gallons.

Such loss of blood will create a sea of blood, which should have clotted on the road and visible for people to see. Channels TV was at the Toll gate the following day, Arise TV was there,  no trace of blood on the road was reported. Many people have been to the Tollgate since then, there is no picture or video showing evidence of dried blood on the road.

Poser 4

The military were killing people. People were scampering for safety. Yet in the midst of the volley of bullets, a couple of people were able to carry 15 corpses to where the murderous military men were shooting and they were neither arrested nor killed to erase witnesses. And none of those that carried the corpses either filmed it or took pictures.

3. She kept a bullet they pull out of the thigh of a victim.

Poser 5

A bullet has the casing and the bullet at the tip of the casing. The bullet is made of lead. When it hits the thigh bone (Femur), the tip of the bullet, which is now a amber colour hot lead, dents. The bullet showed by the lady still has straight tip. My guess is, it was shot in the air and fell down cold to the ground.

4. She displayed many cartridges or bullet casings.

Poser 6. A bullet has the bullet at the tip and the casing attached to it.

The casing has gun powder in it and a primer to trigger and detatch the casing from the bullet once it is released from the barrel of the  gun.

The casing drops close to the shooter. It is only the bullet that travels to hit the target.

Bullet casing is proof that guns were fired, which we all saw in the video. But the video showed that the bullets were fired upward and not horizontally.

5. Observation:

DJ Switch did not look into the camera throughout the filming. A body language which shows that one is either lying or not sure of what he/she is saying.

6. Request:

a. The 15 People that were allegedly killed are not ants. They are full blooded human beings. That we have not seen videos of a pile of bodies is a mystery. I hope DJ Switch and  those who carried the corpses will show us pictorial or video proofs to corroborate her story.

b. I hope she would be summoned by the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Enquiry to present her video and pictorial evidences so that justice can be served to those that were killed, if it is ascertained that there were fatalities at Lekki.




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