benin rapist

There are indications that sexual violation of infants and minors by much older adults is on the increase in various parts of the country.

Before the recent report, a 40-year-old man was arrested for raping a 4-year-old girl in Bayelsa State. The incident was part of cases being reviewed by UNICEF. 

More recently, a 26-year-old Daniel Paul from Akwa Ibom State, pictured above was arrested in Benin for violating a one and half year old girl. They were said to be living in the same compound. On the sad day, Daniel lured the little girl into his room, turned up the volume of the music in the room to drown cry of the baby.

“I sleep with am.” He told the Police, and when asked how he slept with the girl, he continued; “I put my thing. As my thing no enter, I want to push am e no fit enter, I come use hand. My hand enter” Daniel said.

The mother of the girl who was selling things in front of the compound invited the police when she saw her daughter in pain and noticed blood spots as she attempted to urinate.

The rape suspect is still in the custody of the Edo State Police Command.

Parents have been warned to be more careful with their helpless little girls who are becoming more vulnerable with the rising spate of sexual violence.


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