If my grandmother was to here this story, she will exclaim, “wonders shall never survive.” A little boy aged 8 was kidnapped by a middle aged man, Jonathan Cooker, on his way back from summer lessons at a school located on Lawrence Street, in a quiet part of Surulere, Lagos on Monday. 

The suspect now took the boy to a soft drink seller where he ordered for some crates worth N51,000. He pleaded with the seller to allow him keep “his younger brother” behind so that he can go home and get money. 

Reports say the unsuspecting shop owner obliged him and allowed his leave with the crates of soft drink. 
As he was leaving, a passer-by who recognized the boy demanded to know what he was doing at the shop. The boy now narrated how a stranger picked him on his way from lesson and brought him to the shop. 

Cookers effort to escape by increasing his pace was not enough as he was immediately apprehended. 


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