nigerians arrested in thailand

Thailand is one of the countries where death penalty is the punishment for being convicted in an illegal drug trafficking. Now, two Nigerians were arrested on Monday for producing cocaine at their rented house in a rubber plantation in Ban Khai District of Rayong province.

The suspects identified as Joseph Uyamadu, 43 and Emmanuel Umiano, 33 were picked up along their Peruvian accomplice by Thailand security officials

According to reports, when their residence was searched by the police, a large portion of cocaine thrown into a flush tank was discovered. The security officials also found a bad containing black and sticky substance similar to raw opium, black sheets of substance, corrosive acid, a microwave oven, kerosene and two cars.

Though narcotics police say further tests will be carried out on the items found in the residence, it already believed that they are largely raw materials used by the suspects to produce cocaine. 

Thailand anti-drug law is considered one of the toughest in the world but not many Nigerians have been arrested in the country in recent times. These suspects are presently being held at the Ban Khai police station and will be charged to court soon.



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