Every profession has its own hazards and one of those faced by broadcasters, particularly on live TV, is that their secret may not remain secret for a long time except they are on 100% alert all the time.

For example, on Thursday, during the 7am news on Channels Television, the female anchor, Adeshawa Josh was caught blowing a kiss to her male co-anchor (name withheld).

The news was on the Building Collapse in Jos and the anchors were covered with footage from the building collapse when suddenly, the female news presenter was seen passionately expressing what appears like heart felt intimacy to the other presenter.

On realizing that the cat has been let out of the bag, Adeshawa’s managed to subdue the shock and embarrassment before proceeding with the news. 

How the management of Channels TV will view the incident cannot be determined at the moment but to us, it is one of those slips that could prove quite expensive in real terms.



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