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Though the long awaited list of ministerial nominees has be received by the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, no one knows categorically how the list is composed. 

But if a poll carried out by HOMELAND NEWS can be relied upon, not so many Nigerians believe that the President has been lopsided in the appointments he made before now.

In response to the comment that “President Buhari’s appointment so far shows that he has a deep animosity against the South East,” 26 out of the 55 respondents, representing 47% agreed by choosing the True option.

24 of the respondents, representing 44% were categorical is saying that the comment is false while 5 people which is 9% of the total respondents, said it seems to be true but not particularly. 

As details of the nominees are being awaited, many Nigerians will be concerned about where the candidates come from over and above their ability to deliver on the job. 

But in a multi ethnic country like Nigeria, would it have been different in anyway?

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