The shoe industry in Aba, Abia state will be receiving a boost with the expression of interest by Brazilian investors to collaborate with the state government in improving the fortunes of the industry.

The partnership will come in direct investment, capacity building and creation of new markets for the products from the industry.

Abia state governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu had told the state that his government will key into areas of comparative advantage to shore up the economy of the state.

“We will leverage on the things that are natural to us, those things that are fundamental to us. We are basically traders with talented skills. We have a potential energy that is innate in every Abia person or anyone of the Igbo extraction,” the governor had said.

The shoe industry in Aba presently employs thousands of young people from all parts of the country but had witnessed a down turn due to high cost of production and influx of inferior alternatives from China. This collaboration between the state government and Brazilian businessmen will not only provide the benefits of economics of scale but introduce better and improved technology for making of shoes, belts, bags and other related products.


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