sunday oliseh

Sunday, I’m sending this private message, because of the respect I have for you; don’t know you personally. It is important that anyone aspiring to become the national coach of Nigeria must be someone that can complement his coaching skills with acquisition of people skills and diplomacy. Every human being has a pride and integrity to protect and there is nothing wrong with that. 

After listening to you, I must condemn your brash and disrespectful approach you used in appointing your new captain, in manner that was obviously, embarrassing and insulting to the then current national captain of the team Enyema You started the stone throwing exercise by embarrassing Enyema publicly deposing him before the entire team. 

If I may ask, how does Sunday Oliseh expect Enyema to react given the circumstance, more so a man who in spite of his bereavement honoured a national call to train with his team. You can’t depose him publicly and expect him to meet you privately to ask questions. That is double standard and is no brainer by any means. Again, like Hitler, you denied the deposed captain opportunity to ask questions, applying threats to silence him. That was arrogance and outright disrespect towards someone who has given 13 years serving the country with over 100 cap. 

I think you giving Nigerians room to rethink and doubt your administrative credentials to lead a national football team of a democratic country, Super Eagles. Your arrogant and “I am the boss’ attitude represents a national fire brigade approach and brutal use of Force that the country witnessed during the military era. 

Sadly, when a Nigerian assumes a position of authority, first they destroy the the existing framework and start all over again to ‘rebuild’. Instead of rebuilding on already made structure. Tearing down the structure sends a message that you are the most intelligent man in the room; hence directly treating past heroes as fools. It is important not to rebuild an entire structure; instead, new leader should aspire to maintain policy continuity. Changes must not be dramatic; instead, upgrading of existing structure should be effected strategically and with due recognition to lessons learnt. In managing our national team, experiences and Lessons learnt must count and be used to improve current situation. 

This understanding explains why Germany, Brazil, Argentina, England, Uruguay are still the powerhouse of world football. Oliseh, you owe Enyema an apology. Being an autocratic coach isn’t a guarante that you will succeed as a coach. 

Loyalty goes both ways, for success to be attained. Your remain one of the best players ever to play for Nigeria and I don’t want your achievements to be overshadowed by your current arrogant and disreputable attitude to another Nigerian football legend! To succeed, you must aspire to earn the trust and respect of your players and you must be diplomatic in your choice of words and actions. Democratic leaders make the best coaches and this you must be told. I wish you good luck!

Kene Mortanya; Capt, LG US Army



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