fayose in jerusalem 1

It has become common practice for public office holders in Nigeria, to squeeze out time from their very tight schedule to carry out religious rituals.

Not just Moslems who have it as a command to visit the holy land, but Christians too.

Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose is currently in Jerusalem to carry out the holy pilgrimage in line with Christian practice.

Governor Fayose has lately been quite vocal in criticising the government of President Muhmmadu Buhari and his party, the APC. Just on Sunday, the governor accused the President of planning to use the newly appointed Chairman of INEC and the Director General of the DSS to highjack the governorship elections coming up in Kogi and Bayelsa states.

Mr, Fayose accused President Buhari of planning to consolidate his grounds for a possible re-election bid by capturing the states originally won by the opposition PDP through the intervention of the judiciary.

Governor Fayose most likely will pray for the victory of the PDP and their candidates in the rest of the election petition cases where judgment has not been delivered.

The governor will be praying for more confusion in the camp of the APC so that his party will lure the aggrieved into its fold. While some may say it is negative, others will argue that it is a political necessity. 

He will be praying that President Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign will be moderated in some ways as there is no assurance that anyone will enjoy automatic protection.

The truth is that Governor Fayose will certainly have a lot to pray about particularly at a time when many states, including Ekiti are struggling to pay workers’ salaries.

Perhaps, carrying out this religious ritual will empower governor Fayose to remain fiery in being a voice among the opposition or impose a bit of self censorship on the man known as the peoples governor.  



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