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From Ejike Chinedu

The path towards the Imo State governorship election next year has remained dramatic and full of suspense. About four months to the election, the incumbent who is qualified to seek re-election has not been specific on his intention. In one breath, Governor Okorocha is seeking to run as the Presidential candidate of his party the APC, and in another, he is still holding firm on the governorship seat.

This time, friend and foes are beginning to find common ground just for one purpose; take over the seat of power in Owerri.

Recently, the leader of the APGA in Imo State, Martin Agbaso who has been rumoured to be on his way to PDP in what may be seen as a surprise development, paid a visit to the former governor Ikedi Ohakim in his Burma retreat home.

Chief Agbaso on the visit apologized to the people of Imo state and the former governor for allowing Gov. Okorocha to utilize the APGA platform and his political structure to come into office in 2011. He said he did not realize that it was going to be a very costly mistake.

He said he came to Ohakim to bring back the bond between them.

“I have come to renew our old friendship. I have come to renew an old fraternity. I had always called this my home. So I see my visit as “home coming of some sorts. You have been my friend and I want to assure you, you are my friend forever”.   According to him, their relationship had been marred by their political difference and the political blackmail and intrigues that ensued leading to the 2011 general elections but it is now time to re-write the past.

“What is important is our willingness to do it and our openness with one another throughout the process. “If we can be open to ourselves as before, share our love, with the common understanding that we are one family, then we shall be sure of victory”.

A visibly elated Ohakim commended Agbaso and described his as a politician with uncommon qualities. The former governor said it is rare to see a leader who will retrace his step the moment he realizes he has gone the wrong way.

He welcomed Chief Agbaso and promised to support and work with him in making Imo state better.

Chief Agbaso is expected to officially announce his defection from the APGA to PDP in few days from now. It has been hinted that Martin Agbaso will be taking a shot at the governorship as the candidate of the PDP. Ikedi Ohakim on his path had been going round those he had offended in his first term as governor in order to pave way for the same ambition. HOMELAND NEWS can only wait for how all these will pan out. 


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