goddy uwazurike

President, Aka Ikenga, and Igbo socio-cultural organisation Goddy Uwazurike, has spoken in defense of President Goodluck Jonathan for the alleged hobnobbing with former Borno State Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff.

Mister Sheriff has been accused by a certain Australian negotiator, Stephen Davis of funding  Boko Haram activities.

President Jonathan came under fierce attack for reportedly traveling to Chad on an official assignment though spokesman of the President has denied that saying that Sheriff was in Chad on his personal accord and was simply part of those who came to welcome Mr. President.

Mr. Uwazurike in a chat with Daily Independent newspaper exonerated the president, adding that simply labeling Mr. Sheriff a supporter of Boko Haram without any verifiable proof is wrong.

Most of the critics of President Jonathan have argued that for a suspect of such offence as sponsoring terrorism, being seen around the President sitting in a meeting with the Chadian President may be sending a wrong signal over the country’s war against terrorism.

The President of Aka Ikenga insists that mere allegation does not amount to conviction.  


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