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From Ejike Chinedu

Anyanwu Igbo sets up committee to organize Igbo language essay competition. 
Anyanwu Igbo is a socio-cultural organisation aimed at re-writing the recent odd tales about the people. The group is non-partisan and non-religious.

The committee headed by Hygie Okey Ugwu is expected to finalise all arrangements to ensure that the project is successful. These arrangements include how Igbos in diaspora can participate and how the final winner will emerge through state competitions.

Host of the group, Uche Lucas Onuh told HOMELAND NEWS that the essay competition is the first of many projects being lined up by the group. He said that the time of defeatist mentality has passed and urged every son and daughter of Igbo land to join hands with the group to restore the pride and dignity of the Igbos.

He said that Anyanwu Igbo is already pulling resources together in assisting the immediate and effective launch of an Igbo Language, Africa Magic Channel by the cable provider, DSTV.

On the multiplicity of socio-cultural groups in the land, Mazi Onuh said Anyanwu Igbo is not in competition with anyone but committed to complimenting all efforts being made by other groups in bringing sustainable development to “ala Igbo”. 

“We are a people that are everywhere. The needs of our father land are too many also. If we all join hands together, and turn away from selfishness and pride, we can make out land an envy of other nationalities in Nigeria.” He said.

Recall that on the 10th of last month, HOMELAND NEWS published the document that served as the first declaration of the group which in part reads:

“We, as a people need to create a common vision for our tomorrow. The generation of Nnamdi Azikiwe and Co. laid a foundation that we have left as closed pit. I therefore challenge everyone of us to be an agent to reopen the discussion and build a home on it. IKENGA IGBO must be hailed up Once more”



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