prof osibajo

APC has denied naming former attorney general of Lagos State, Prof. Yemi Osibajo as the Vice Presidential candidate of the party. The social media had been awash with reports that Prof. Osibajo is the running mate to General Buhari.

National Publicity Secretary of APC, Lai Mohammed told HOMELAND NEWS over the phone that the part is still deliberating on available option. He said APC will be detailed and thorough in its considerations.

Meanwhile, four persons have been in contention for the office.  

Babatunde Fashola is considered an administrator that will compliment whatever leadership weaknesses on the part of Muhammadu Buhari. He is popular as one of the state governors that excelled above the rest. But can the APC afford the risk of having a moslem running mate with a moslem Presidential candidate?

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi had grown in popularity and has a deep war-chest to prosecute a campaign. He is one of the governors who had remained vocal in highlighting perceived failure of President Jonathan’s administration.  He is from the south south region, same with the President.  Gov. Amaechi is strong-willed and fearless.  The question is, how many people will cast their vote for APC because Gov. Amaechi is the Vice Presidential candidate?

Adams Oshiomhole became a governor after leading the major labour union in the country. He will likely have a fan-base that will not be limited by ethnicity or creed. His energy and deep appreciation of national issues is impressive. he is from the south south geo political zone where the incumbent comes from. Gov. Oshiomhole is known as a man with his own mind. but how soon can he adapt to the seemingly subservient role of a Vice President?

Yemi Oshibaju is a Professor of law and a senior advocate of Nigeria. he was the attorney general of Lagos state when he pursued several cases and interpretation of the law. That era contributed immensely in deepening democracy in the country. An erudite scholar but not a politician. He is from the south west and a Christian. APC may be seeking a running mate that will balance Muhammadu Buhari’s flaws in politics and economy. Is Prof Oshibaju fit for this?



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