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The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN has said that it is currently working  on the idea of introducing lower denominations like N200 and  N100 on the Automated Teller Machines, ATMs.

Mr Musa Iteopa-Jimoh, Head,  Payment System Policy and Oversight Division  of Banking and Payments Department of the CBN,  said the idea of introducing lower denominations is good for the apex bank than the current situation where higher denominations are available.

He noted that it will serve as deterrent  for those who want to withdraw huge amounts of money, because it will be difficult to carry huge amounts.

“We are working towards having the mix of lower and higher denominations and we believe that this will be acceptable by Nigerians and will further enhance the use of ATMs and promote cashless policy further into the rural areas and also drive  the policy of financial inclusion”, he added.

He pointed out, however, that the reason banks are not putting lower denominations in the ATM machines is because  of the cost of processing lower denominations and that the banks find it easy to put higher denominations there because it will mean more money in the machine and the introduction of lower denominations will mean constant loading of the machines.

It will be recalled that the CBN recently unveiled the first digital N100 paper note, which will be officially issued into circulation on 19 December. 


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