Jonathan campaign

President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign in Gombe state on Monday, was marred  by twin bomb attacks Attacks suspected to be masterminded by the insurgent group Boko Haram

It however did not prevent the rally in Gombe from recording a modest turnout where President Goodluck JONATHAN promised to complete the Darinkiwa dam which has capacity to generate 40 megawatts of power in the next four years,

All speakers geared on by the cheering crowd stuck to the issues with the exception of the Director General of the Presidential campaign organization Ahmadu Ali whose rabid attack on personalities in the opposition All Progressives Congress was met by a stony silence

The President for his part expressed his determination to  create opportunity for the very young people to develop, which is why he was determined to complete the  Darinkiwa dam which has capacity to generate 40 megawatts of power so that there would be enough power in Gombe state.

Stressing that through the MDGs, government had intervened in more than 600 projects in the state and that there was no local government in the state that did not have the touch of the federal government, the President promised to do more

Meanwhile, many of the speakers who attended the rally spoke in Hausa urging the people not to be misled by ethnic jingoists as the PDP was poised to do more for Gombe state

Stakeholders believe that despite the low turnout at the rally, the PDP is fully on ground and is fully in charge in the state and will sweep the polls, winning the presidential, National Assembly as well as governorship and state Houses of Assembly elections

People who chose not to come out for the rally were probably wise in their decision as shortly after the rally and just as the President’s convoy had made its way from the venue of the rally, another bomb blast detonated in the vicinity of the venue in the midst of the people making their way home

Casually figures are unclear as at the time of filing this report



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