buhari 4

President-elect Muhammadu Buhari will receive handover notes from President Goodluck Jonathan on May 28 confirming earlier reports from the media which had been refuted
The National Council of State  on Tuesday at its valedictory meeting under President Jonathan  approved this among other ceremonies
All living former Heads of state and government are present at this edition of the meeting
The council of state is approving a new template for activities leading to the handover which will be applicable for subsequent ceremonies
The council has also prepared a security document which will capture the fight of the present administration against insecurity within its borders especially in the North East
Interestingly aside from the well documented actions against Boko Haram it has a new strategy to contain the forages of Fulani herdsmen across the country which has resulted in conflicts and needless deaths
The National Council of State believes it has done well under President Jonathan’s leadership to reposition and stabilize the country
In a few weeks time President Jonathan will join this elite advisory body as a former head of government
By irony of history he will exchange baton with another member of the Council,  Muhammadu Buhari who will call the shots from May 29  



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