deby and jonathan

President of Chad Idris Deby was at State House Abuja on Monday to review the operations of both countries in curbing the menace of insurgency and terrorism in the Chad basin
The Chadian President also paid glowing tribute to his Nigerian counterpart whose actions he said had saved Africa from an avoidable backlash
He came to Nigeria for a change as it has been President Jonathan that has sought his audience in N’djamena in search of the solution to the insurgency in the North Eastern parts of Nigeria’s  territory
But President Deby came with a message of solidarity pointing out that Nigeria was key to the solution to its problem of insurgency which it faced in the 70s and 80s
The Chadian strongman however expresses regret that Nigeria and Chad have not been working in tandem which is why the Boko Haram problem has festered for so long
Like other African leaders President Deby is commending President Jonathan for the democratic principles he exhibited by conceding victory after he had lost the elections in April
He noted that the problem with African democracies is that all election results are contested
The briefing by the Chadian President brings up interesting questions in the Boko Haram situation which have been asked over and over again
Where is Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau? And what is the status of the South African mercenaries prosecuting the war in the region?
President Deby was emphatic in stating that he has no idea about the whereabouts of the dreaded terrorist.



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