Following the outbreak of Cholera in Ogun State as alerted by the Ogun State Ministry of Health on September 17, about 12 persons have died out of the 246 cases recorded so far.

During an engagement with stakeholders at the ministry in Abeokuta, the Commissioner for Health, Dr Tomi Coker updated that the outbreak which was initially recorded in Ijebu North Local Government Area has now spread to Abeokuta North and Abeokuta South Local Governments, with 217 cases recorded in Ijebu North only.

She said, “Unfortunately, we have a report of 246 cases, and there has been at least about 12 deaths, which brings us to a fatality rate of 44.6 per cent.

“This is slightly high for a state like ours because we are educated. And from what we found out that’s actually promoting the cholera outbreak is the fact that there’s high level of open defecation in Ogun State,”

She said the government has started chlorinating wells in Ijebu North and emphasized on the need for residents to ensure proper hygiene.


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