Justice Mohammed Nasir Yenusa of the Federal High Court in Lagos today gave two orders in respect of the case of enforcement of fundamental human rights case filed APC by counsel, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo..

The  court ordered that the DSS unseal the office /warehouse forthwith.  It gave an immediate order against the respondent restraining the DSS from further sealing off the office or taking further steps in connection with the property.

With regard to the five data entry staff being held in custody by the DSS, the Court ordered the respondents to produce them in court on friday to explain to the court why they are still being held in custody.

The court however did not give any order regarding the release of the seized equipment, server, computer from the APC Data center in ikeja.

It will be recalled that on Saturday last week, DSS operatives invaded a building used by the APC as a data center. Several persons were arrested in the raid while 3 computer hard drives and 20 bags of hard copy documents were taken away by the DSS. 

DSS has alleged that it moved in following a petition which claimed that the party was cloning the permanent voter cards in the office but the APC responded by accusing the security agency of doing the bidding of the PDP led Federal government to dis-stabilise it.


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