From Amaka Bobby-Umeano

We see it, we buy it, we borrow it, we read it, we study it, we exchange it, we store it, we treasure it, we love it. Why? Is it just because it is called a book? Is it because our lives revolve around it?
Yes, It holds the key to several doors; education, health, knowledge, wisdom, business, family, happiness, to mention just a few.
April 23 each year is commemorated as World Book and Copyright Day. To this regard, the United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, calls on countries to work hard to promote the book, in order to reduce illiteracy and poverty.
Also known as the International Day of the book, it is a historic and symbolic day for the world of literature. It is the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. This is therefore a great opportunity to pay tribute to books, authors, publishers and everyone who contributes to the world of reading and writing.
As an author, I am always humbled by every reader that peruses through my written thoughts but deeply hurt by piracy and plagiarism. For some of us who passed through the University of Leicester, we are conversant with the Postgraduate Programmes in Media & Communications Course Handbook 2011/2012, page 28 and I quote, ” The severity of the penalties imposed for plagiarism stem from the University’s view that learning is a search for truth and that falsehood and deception have no place in this search”.
In our homes, schools and organizations, how do we ensure that one’s intellectual property remains protected, attractive and lucrative. Our children need to be convinced that literacy is a pleasure that brings treasure.
For us at Oratorz Book Hub, we believe that the best way to instill the love of books in our children is to start early to read to them.
Take your children on regular visits to bookshops and libraries, allow them to explore their favourite topics; cars, dinosaurs, e.t.c.
When they ‘graze’ and ‘taste’ books, they are better equipped to face the future.
In the words of Malala Yousafzai, “Our books and our pen are our most powerful weapons”.
Special thanks to everyone who has visited us at Oratorz Book Hub. As your choice family bookshop, we will continue to serve you with passion.
The Oratorz Book Club in schools is trending. Do not be left out. Call us now and we will be in your child’s school with assorted books to share. Our mantra remains ‘Reading is Fun!’.
As we look forward to Oratorz Children’s day celebration next month, with the theme; ‘Readers Today, Leaders tomorrow’, I implore you to read a book today.



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