Home Health Ebola virus can be transmitted through sex – WHO

Ebola virus can be transmitted through sex – WHO


The World Health Organisation has again warned of the possibility of Ebola Virus being transmitted sexually.

Survivors and their sexual partners are urged to receive counseling as a preventive measure.

WHO raised the alarm in a statement it made available to news men in Lagos.

According to the organisation, the sexual transmission of Ebola is not yet proven but it is theoretically possible.

 “The sexual transmission of the Ebola Virus from males to females is a strong possibility, but has not yet been proven; less probable, but theoretically possible.
“Studies have shown that Ebola virus can be isolated from semen up to 82 days after symptom onset.

WHO said the assistance to survivors and their sexual partners is to ensure safe sexual practices until their semen has twice tested negative; and survivors should be provided with condoms.




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