The United Arab Emirates has backed down from the ensuing faceoff with Nigeria over bilateral air service agreement violations.

The Cable reports that she has conceded 6 slots to Nigerian airline, Air Peace, to operate from both Dubai and Sharjah airports.

The row arose after the UAE limited Air Peace request for operational slots into Dubai to only one, whereas, two airlines from the UAE have 21 slots in Nigeria.

Nigeria reciprocated by cancelling the permission by Emirate and Etihad airlines to operate in Nigeria and restricted it to one slot.

A ministry of aviation official, James Odaudu, told The Cable that the move was part of the resolution to the diplomatic row between the two nations.

A letter sited on the matter indicate that “slots locked for Air Peace are A0540LT, D0800LT – All days, and A0510LT D0800LT – without day 6”

Explanations to the above is that the UAE has allocated six slots to the Nigerian carrier as part of the diplomatic resolution.


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