Hardly can anyone find an individual who detests longevity. It is sweeter when it comes with good health and sound mind. Any other thing is ‘additional mathematics’ as they say.

That seems like the story of Mrs Ngozi Okongwu as she prepares for her 83rd birthday in September.  

Born to a Church Catechist, Thomas Chidoka, and married to a Priest, Rev. Canon David Okongwu, both resting with their creator, she recently posed with three generations after her.

Her first daughter, Hope Onweluzo, is 63 and retired from the Anambra state education system as a school principal in 2016. 

The grand daughter is an entrepreneur. Nwogo Onyejepu says life is just about to start for her by the time she turns 40 in 2021. 

The youngest on the line, Chimdi, is in grade 8 and celebrated her 13th birthday earlier this year. 

Now, the great grandmother had her first child at age 20 and the grandmother was just about 20 when she had her son. If and only if the fourth generation walks in their path, the fifth generation may just be seven years away, when the matriarch will be 90 years of age, after all, her elder brother is 93 now and still very strong. 



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